US Casinos

There is a lot of glamor surrounding casinos, with fun games, great jackpots and possibility to win money on every bet. This James Bond lifestyle is still preserved in some major casinos around the world, like in Monaco, Macao, Las Vegas or Atlantic City in the US.

Unfortunately the US restricted gambling at federal level, which means there are not so many locations where US players can go and enjoy some casino games or poker. At the moment, people must travel to one of the two main destinations, like Las Vegas that serves the south-western side of the US, with players mainly from the LA area, and Atlantic City which serves the north-eastern side of the US, with players mainly from the New York area. Of course some other destinations are also available like Reno that is also in Nevada like Las Vegas, and few other casinos operated in Indian reservations around the US.

Online casino options are limited at the moment within the US, with only the state of New Jersey regulating and permitting online casino play. So for those living in New Jersey or traveling here, there is a good news regarding the possibility to play online casino games. You do not need to be a resident in the state of New Jersey to register and play at these online casinos. All users traveling to the NJ state can access the casino websites, register and start playing. A minimum age of 21 applies.

Why play at online casinos?

Online casinos offer the same games as any regular casino, but with a wider diversity of games when it comes to video slots. With themed slots from multiple casino software providers, there are literally hundreds of slot games with various bonus rounds and jackpot triggers.

What about online casinos in other states?

At the moment New Jersey is the only state within US allowing online casino games. Online casinos operating in the state of New Jersey are licensed and regulated by the DGE. While there are quite a few casino options to play online, all these brands are operated from within land based casinos from Atlantic City.

Playing from any other state at the moment is not possible with a regulated casino. There are some offshore choices operated from different tax heavens around the world that accept US players, but it not recommended to go on this path for several reasons:

  • Security: you cannot hold responsible such operations for not paying out your winnings
  • Legal reasons: US players should not access and play at online casinos that are not regulated within US
  • Payments: the US laws restrict banks and financial institutions from processing payments to and from such gambling services operated offshore. This will put extra pressure on any user trying to make a deposit or withdrawal from such websites


US users should stick at playing at websites that are operated and regulated within the US. They are legal, secure and offer the same diversity of games as one would expect from online operations. Furthermore, many US online casinos from New Jersey offer to all new users free money no deposit that can easily be used to start playing casino games for real with no risk from the users’ part.